Semi Bespoke

Decades of tradition combined with laser accurate cutting for a truly perfect fit

For a perfect fit and unsurpassed comfort

No two people are the same, and so, to make your one off suit we start with a one-to-one meeting including a pre-fitting to make sure that everything is correct to the last detail.

Your exact measurements will be taken but this meeting is not just about taking your measurements, it is also an opportunity for us to discuss the individual way in which you wear a suit, your likes and dislikes and how the suit should match your character.

With Roger’s expert advice, together you will choose your cloth so that it meets your needs and tastes – fashion, classic, casual and many more with over 3000 different fabric choices. You will be able to choose the style – single or double breasted, the type of vents, pockets and buttons you prefer and you can even personalise your suit with a monogram or, for example, a coloured lining.

There are three things that are important to the look and feel of a suit – the fit, the style and the cloth.


Modern production using laser cut technology ensures that the fit is the best available. You can feel the difference once you move around in a made to measure suit – it performs all day to ensure maximum comfort and durability.

Pre-fitting is done with a master model, exact measurements are taken taking the individual’s specific needs into account and these measurements are computerised and the fabric cut by laser. Laser cut suits are made to a very high modern construction standard and are re-fitted onto the customer as a finished garment and any minor adjustments are then made if necessary.


You may know which style suits you best, or, you might want the Roger’s expert advice from over 40 years of experience in tailoring. Roger will discuss shape, detailing, fabrics and colour-ways with you during a personal appointment to ensure that you get the best style to reflect your personality.


Major advancements in fabrics means that you can choose a cloth to suit your taste that will be practical for the purpose of the garment. Cloths come in a range of colours and innovation in textiles, such as stretch wool, cool wool, and wool blends has led to a huge choice, ensuring the final look fits with your business or lifestyle.

A range of detail options including:

Drawings demonstrating some pocket and vent options