The very best of British tailoring

Jacket basted together on a mannequinIn days gone by when a gentleman required a new suit, he would visit the Tailor’s Shop and choose a piece of fabric, the chosen fabric was thereafter referred to as ‘spoken for’ and hence the name Bespoke arose in relation to tailoring and has been used ever since. Nowadays however, bespoke tailoring refers more to a suit designed and made to fit.

Traditional Bespoke – Hand cut at Aristocrat

Roger is one of the few tailors still offering a traditional Bespoke hand cut and finished suit, with an intermediate try-on fitting for any customer who is used to this type of garment, or, if he feels that in order to get a better fit a try-on fitting is necessary. A try-on fitting is when the garment is cut and basted together so that the fitter can see how it hangs on the customer before it is finished.

Hand-cut suits with traditional styles and fabrics that mix high-end quality fabrics with creative design are the utmost in supreme luxury.