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Traditional individually tailored garments for every occasion

Tailoring for over 40 years

Roger PhillipsRoger started at just 15 years old training as a Bespoke Tailor on the bench with a high-class tailor in Sussex. After completing his initial training he became an alteration tailor/fitter and found that he had an eye for making just the right alterations to make garments fit individual shapes and sizes perfectly and a flair for choosing fabrics according to the clientís needs and lifestyle. He began to make a reputation for himself for his excellence in this field and his passion was born.

In 1980 Roger started his own tailoring business specialising in alterations for all the main high street retailers. Due to increasing demand from customers for Roger to make their suits from scratch, in 1989 Roger realised his dream and opened Aristocrat Tailoring in Godalming. He chose the name to describe his passion for the best in traditional and modern tailoring and he has been successfully making suits for customers from all over the UK, Ireland and even Europe ever since.

In the last 20 years Aristrocrat Tailoring has gone from strength to strength and has seen customers returning again and again, indeed, many enquiries are received as a result of personal recommendation from existing customers.

Rogerís focus is on attention to detail and for making seemingly small alterations that makes the difference between just a well-fitting suit and a perfect fit. Roger thrives on a challenge and loves the opportunity to turn his hand to tailoring new garments; he recently made robes for a clergyman.

ClothsOnce youíve had a bespoke suit fitted and altered to fit you exquisitely by Roger, youíll find it hard to wear off-the-peg again

Fed up with off-the-peg suits that just donít fit and need alterations?

Would love to have a suit made but think they are too expensive?

Hate shopping for clothes and never find what you want?

Dedicated to bringing you the finest quality made to measure clothing that is well-fitting, affordable and suits your individual tastes and needs.

Aristocrat firmly believe that having a suit made for you should be a pleasurable experience, we pride ourselves on our superior customer service and after sales support.

Let us help you achieve that sharp and sophisticated look at a cost that wonít burn a hole in your pocket!